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plantation-shutters-installation-Cape Coral-Florida
plantation-shutters-installation-Cape Coral-Florida

There are many advantages to installing plantation shutters in your home. They are:

Plantation shutters also come with a lifetime warranty!

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What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular window treatments used in the United States. They were originally an exterior treatment used on large, Victorian-style homes in the Antebellum South (hence the name), but they have since become a popular interior treatment all over the country.

If you have lived in Florida for awhile, then you have probably seen plantation shutters at some point in your life. They are often used to accentuate the interior features of a home, and when properly selected and installed, they can make a room look more elegant than other types of window treatments.

Since plantation shutters were originally designed to keep sunlight and heat out of homes from the outside, they have high energy efficiency. When used on the interior of a home, they act as excellent insulators, meaning that they can hold heat in during the winter and prevent a house from getting too hot during the summer.

Plantation shutters are unique among modern window treatments due to the fact that they can often work well no matter the room or the size of the window. Plantation shutters can be used to provide privacy or to allow light into a home, and they are often more durable than other window treatments. The appearance of plantation shutters definitely stands out, as they bring an exquisite and sophisticated aesthetic to any room.

Plantation Shutters Compared to Blinds

When it comes to window treatments, many homeowners in Cape Coral and Fort Myers struggle to decide between plantation shutters and blinds. Both types of window treatments are popular, and they each have distinct benefits. Regardless of your choice, remember that window treatments need to fit your windows perfectly, so it is beneficial to seek the help of a professional installer.

Plantation shutters do not provide the same level of light control that blinds provide. Blinds give homeowners the flexibility to fine-tune how much light enters a room. If you can see yourself adjusting blinds regularly to ensure that each room in your house has the perfect amount of light, then blinds might be a better choice for you than plantation shutters.

On the other hand, plantation shutters often look more elegant than blinds, they provide more privacy, and they can be more energy efficient. These are all excellent reasons to choose plantation shutters instead of blinds. For some houses, plantation shutters are simply the best option. Moreover, plantation shutters still give you the ability to control how much light enters a room — they just don’t allow as much control as blinds. Overall, plantation shutters are more versatile than blinds because they can be used in any room and for a variety of purposes.

One other major difference between plantation shutters and blinds is the price and durability. While plantation shutters can be more expensive than blinds, they are usually more durable. If you want a versatile window treatment that will last for years to come and looks absolutely exquisite, then plantation shutters are simply the best option available.

Common Considerations Before Buying

As with any major home improvement, there are some things you should think about before buying plantation shutters. For example, do you want them installed in every room, or would you rather just use them for major windows in your living room and master bedroom? This is one of the many questions you should ask yourself prior to purchasing plantation shutters.

Furthermore, you will want to consider the material and color of the plantation shutters before installing them. Wood is the classic material choice and many people agree that it is the best looking window treatment available. Many companies also produce synthetic materials that look similar to wood but are made to last longer and provide more efficiency than wood.

If you are unsure what window treatment is best for you or how to choose the right plantation shutters, then contact Expressions in Window Fashions. Our team has experience installing plantation shutters in Naples, Fort Myers, and the surrounding areas, and as a result, we have expertise on what shutters work the best for the homes in this part of Florida.

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